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Members of our team's projects have been recognized by Microsoft Corporation, receiving the Microsoft Government Innovation Award, and Microsoft System Partner Solution Builder Grand Prize.  Our team member's solutions have been featured in the Department of the Navy's technology magazine, CHIPS, and SIGNAL magazine, AFCEA's Official Publication. Our solutions have been recognized by the Department of the Navy Chief Information Officer (DONCIO), and our work was recognized with a Letter of Appreciation from an Associate General Counsel of the Department of the Navy Office of General Counsel.

OSUM is a project-based technology services firm with a team of experienced consultants who are dedicated to our clients’ success.  Please see a few examples of what we have done for others, so that you may see "What OSUM can do for you".

Department of the Navy: Completed successfully the Department of Defense Information Assurance Certification and Accreditation Process (DIACAP) process, with the end result of an Authority to Operate (ATO) for two systems, granted by the Designated Approval Authority for the Department of the Navy. OSUM prepared the requisite deliverables, provided engineering support and executed security testing. OSUM completed the System Identification Profile, DIACAP Implementation Plan, Validation, DIACAP Scorecard, POA&M for two systems, and represented our client in all facets of DIACAP process’ activities, including initiating and planning IA C&A, implementing and validating IA controls, collaboration meetings discussing certification determination and accreditation decision, and maintaining authorization of operate and conducting reviews.

Department of the Navy: Developed an Alternative Dispute Resolution Tracking system using the latest Microsoft .Net and SQL Server technologies to create a fast, clean, user-friendly application. Extensive use of AJAX technologies on the front-end, along with server side caching of data on the backend allowed us to provide the user with all of the information they need to complete their tasks as quickly as possible. Additionally the multi-tier architecture used to develop the system allows for easy modification to meet new requirements established by the customer. The system is the primary tool to collect, report and analyze alternative dispute resolution data for cases throughout the Department of the Navy. It is used in tailored forms for workplace and non-workplace alternative dispute reolution processes. For convening officials, it helps schedule, communicate and monitor the status of events they sponsor. For Coordinators, it assists in the recertification and training process for the Navy Certified Mediators Program. For Navy Certified Mediators, it allows mediators to keep their contact info up to date and view their status as they progress in the Navy Certified Mediators Program. In short the system is a comprehensive data collection system intended to improve alternative dispute resolution processing at all levels in the DON.

Department of the Navy: Successfully implemented Web 2.0 technologies for a combined community. Integrating Telligent Community into an existing System, OSUM successfully introduced Web 2.0 technologies, including wikis, blogs, message forums and file galleries.  OSUM gathered requirements, developed project plan,  installed, configured and customized, per user specification, Telligent Community. As well, using Microsoft ASP .Net, customized user interfaces that integrated and improved the presentation of content for the user and seamlessly integrated Web 2.0 content with existing data from existing applications were created. OSUM’s integration of the Web 2.0 technologies has led to improved collaboration within the combined community, and an improved efficiency in conducting their daily activities.   

Department of the Navy: Gathered requirements, designed, implemented, tested, documented and maintains the central source for litigation case tracking data that supports the unique needs of a Department of the Navy client, in offices around the world. The Microsoft ASP .Net and SQL Server  solution enables greater and more effective collaboration and litigation case information management for users. Comprehensive reports and dashboard pages make it easy for each attorney and each litigating office to meet requirements to manage and report on cases, and their related activities. The system allows users to manage cases, case participants, case events, case documents, communications and other daily activities. A comprehensive alert and reminder system helps users stay on top of deadlines, meetings and other due dates. OSUM’s successfully implementation of this system has resulted in improved efficiency in carrying out litigation and case management. OSUM provided Oracle database implementation, design, development and administration, as well as application development support using Microsoft ASP for a successful online marketplace for professional buyers and sellers that facilitates operational commodity and simple service purchases, OSUM installed and configured the Oracle database, performed database maintenance and tuning, set up backup and recovery, created custom oracle reports and rewrote the reverse auction database packages used in the online marketplace.   In addition OSUM provided maintenance and upgrade support for an Microsoft ASP custom ECRM system.  OSUM’s effort provided a stable, efficient, and reliable database platform for’s online marketplace.

 Please see our Capability Statement for additional information on our past performance.