aboutWe understand that technology alone doesn’t fix problems or accomplish business objectives. As such, we give our clients a real partner. We’re large enough to have expert knowledge and experience, yet small enough to be flexible, agile and responsive. No matter the size of your organization, or challenge we’ll provide unbiased consultation and solutions to fit your needs

Our unique breadth and depth of knowledge allows us to offer consulting services in the following areas:

Information Assurance

Organizations today face unprecedented expectations to manage risk, driven by demands from government mandates, internal policy, and by shareholder, customer, and industry expectations. We provide our clients Information Assurance experiences and a comprehensive life cycle approach. Our team consists of IA experts with advanced degrees and technical certifications, offering the following services: Security Program development, System Certification & Accreditation / Risk Management, Continuous Monitoring of Security Controls, Compliance Evaluation and Audits, Incident Response, Security Training and Privacy.

Strategy and Program Management

We provide clients an unbiased approach to defining, developing and implementing solutions to meet their business needs. Our Strategy and Program Management services include the following: Technology Strategy, Program Management, Technology Selection and Business Process Improvement.

Web Design and Development

Our web site and application consulting services bring together an extremely rich set of skills and experience-tuned perspectives. Our real value is consistently demonstrated through our ability to carefully listen to and understand the needs of our clients and to translate those requirements into a solution that fits their budget and meets their present and future operational needs. By combining various technologies, we are able to achieve rapid application development cycles while still maintaining the integrity of the client's business processes via structured application and object design methodologies.

Social Media

Technology fused with Content will help your organization create meaningful connections with your audience. It is no longer a question of whether or not to use social media. It is a question of how best to use it successfully. We provide the following Social Media services: Social Media Strategy, Tool Selection, Solution Implementation, and Social Media Monitoring & Management.

Enterprise Database Services

We offer a comprehensive set of well-defined enterprise database services for Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle's relational database technologies. Our services include: Installation and Configuration, Application Integration / Data Migration, Performance Audits and Tuning, Disaster Readiness Audits, and Back-up and Recovery.

Business Intelligence

Everyday organizations must make decisions around what they know about their markets, customers, products, services, suppliers and the competition. Business Intelligence allows these decisions to be based on fact, not on feel. Our Business Intelligence services include the following: Strategy & Analysis, Technology Selection, Business Scorecards, Data Warehouse and Data Mart Implementation, Enterprise Reporting